Musings From a Part-Time Optimist

I like to smile

Cliches and stereotypes exist because there’s truth in them.  I use lots of cliches when I write articles because I like to think that most people can relate to them in some way.  And as someone who writes for a living, relating to people is my priority.

I typically see the glass as half full.  I believe that human beings are inherently good.  And I think that being true to yourself should be a priority.  But with all of that being said, I sometimes shake my head and form the negative.  Prince wrote a song called Positivity many years back, and one of the lyrics has always stuck with me.  He said, “Positivity, yes, have you had your plus sign today?” It stuck with me because while I believe in the power of positive thinking, I also understand that we have to be a little wary sometimes.  We have to question things. And we have to mark ourselves present in the world.

I don’t make resolutions.  I either do things, or I don’t.  Yoda would be proud. I mention this as we roll into 2020, and every feed on our social media is inundated with polls, and trivia, and questions about what your goals might be.  And while none of this is bad in any real way, I just don’t bother with it. I’d rather continue on my path and do the things that need to get done. Why wait until January 1st to start that novel when I can start today, December 26th.


I like to think I dabble in optimism with a sprinkling of realism.

As in, I’m about fifteen pounds overweight, so maybe lay off the wine for a bit.  Not, ‘Boy, I really need to start a diet’. Am I rambling again? You love it! Don’t act like you don’t.  And even if you don’t, it’s ok. I still really, really like you.


So as we continue our journey together on this site, and hopefully elsewhere, I want you to reassess your view on being happy for the New Year.  I want you to find ways to see your goals as ongoing projects and not just dates on a calendar. Most of us are here because we love the craft of writing.  We enjoy our conversations together. And most of all, deep down inside, we want each other to succeed.

I’m sending some good vibes your way.  And I’m sending them today, and every day.  Because good vibes belong out in the universe, not as fodder for Likes and Follows.


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