I have a Nook Book. It's fun to say Nook Book

Sometimes I like to share what I'm reading with my followers. And in an act of selfish rebellion, I get to find out what they're reading. Usually I discover some real gems.

The first Nook I owned. I've since upgraded to the Nook Color, but even that tablet is a bit of a relic now.

I bought my Nook in the summer of 2010. It changed my reading habits. Anyone who uses an E-reader already knows this stuff, but there may be some folks out there who have not gotten on board the electronic book train. It's not better than an actual book. For example, it has no smell. No magic smell of paper and glue and ink. No smell beyond the plastic and silicone wiring underneath the glass that makes my library come to life while my better half sleeps. But it most certainly makes having a library at my fingertips very appealing. This post is not about the virtues of buying a Nook. No, this is selfish pitching for new material. What is everyone Reading?

I'm rereading - for the nth time - Anne Lamotts' Bird by Bird. I wonderful report on how and why we should write. Anne is such a wonderful teacher that we often think we are students in her class, learning for the first time what it might take to become a published author. She takes us into her past, with a writer father and a dutiful mother. She lets us in to the anger, and sadness, and loneliness that every writer faces on their journey. But she always brings us back to what matters: the words on the page. Write, she tells us. Put the words on the paper, no matter how bad they seem. It's this joyful enthusiasm that pervades the book and it's why I recommend it for anyone looking to write a book. Or write anything, for that matter.

I'm also rereading Tom Bissells' Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter. This one is a tougher sell if you're not into the gaming scene. Tom dissects his love of games, but also their inherent addictive nature. One of his tales involves GTA IV, cocaine, and Italy. Not kidding. This is an interesting book, to say the least. Tom has gone on to write other books; one of them entitled Apostle. This one involves a mystery about where Jesus' apostles might (or might not) be buried. Both of these books come with big praise and a hearty thumbs up.

My last suggestion is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It tells the tale of a very bad couple, their lies, and so much violence. This one is much more popular, and I'm guessing most of you have seen the wonderfully faithful film by David Fincher. But it's been a while and maybe you've forgotten some of the bigger beats in the story. Read this book. In fact, read anything by Gillian. She is hands down one of the best thriller writers ever. I said it. Deal with it.

I'd love to hear what everyone is reading. Share your own stories as well. I want say I knew <you> when.


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